Version 2.4


  • Weapon Upgrades added to Ultimate Weapons

  • Grave Flowers now away from Fairy
    • It has been moved to another location on the map
  • Final Bosses stats changed per boss
    • Stats go higher, per level, the higher boss
  • Skills are now affected by status effects
  • Poison, Burn and Bleed DoT increased slightly
  • Skills now calculate damage before target defense is applied
  • Damage Cap now affects all skills at once
    • All skill/attack damage caps are broken upon transcendence
      • This includes limits, healing and Demi skills
  • Gold Drop Rate items in Broken Villa now give 5 Weapon Dust
    • The x10 Weapon Dust that replaced EXP drops are now x5 weapon dust
  • Drop Rates changed
    • Potions (HP/MP) have gone up, with stronger ones having a lower drop rate
    • Teleporters: 5% -> 1%
      • This is due to each town having a teleporter anyway
  • Drop rate of upgrade stone dust increased on dismantle
  • Max Potions replaced with Super Potions in certain areas
    • Broken Villa
    • Enemies from Broken Villa area up to and including Demon Castle are affected
  • HP/MP potions have been changed
    • Potion/Potion (MP) have been changed
      • From +15% HP/MP -> +100 HP/ +50 MP
    • Hi-Potion/Hi-Potion (MP) have been changed
      • From +25% HP/MP -> +500 HP/ +100 MP
    • Super Potion/Super Potion (MP) have been changed
      • From +50% HP/MP -> +1000 HP/ +500 MP
    • Max Potion/Max Potion (MP) are not affected

  • Transferring to Ice Caves didn’t disable weather
  • Lost Forest no longer shuts off unless all of the following are TRUE:
    • 1st Job Class Change Finished (Dark or Light. Items included)
    • Fairy is defeated
    • Grave Flowers Quest finished
  • Shadow Tower timer now ends correctly
    • Negative time will no longer happen
  • Ultimate Decision (Rouge) Crystal teleport will not cause black screen anymore
    • If this happens, just use a teleporter
  • Shop Money display (as promised)
  • Broken Village area not updating music when on Boat/Ship/Airship

  • Upgrade Stone Dust from enemies

Hello everyone!

Weapon Upgrades has been readded after being fixed, finally. This will only apply to Ultimate Weapons. Armor and any other weapons will be excluded. You can also only use the upgrade shop in the Ultimate Areas.

I moved the Grave Flowers event to a more obvious space since the flowers would kind of hide them. Should make it a bit easier to find now.

The final Bosses (Gods) seemed…. too easy for Gods. I bumped up Sentinel and Deaths stats per level (Death is higher than Sentinel’s, which is higher than Creation’s) and made it go higher, per level. They should be massively harder now.

Skills are now affected by status effects. I figured I should since it would be bad if it was only the normal attacks that were affected by it.

Poison, Burn and Bleed have been updated to do more damage. Regen will reduce the amount of DoT done, but will no longer nullify it.

Skills used to calculate the damage of the skill and defense of the enemy all at once (e.g.: a.atk * 4 – b.def). Now it calculates the damage before calculating the defense (e.g.: (a.atk * 4) – b.def)).

Damage cap was not being released for some skills/attacks that already had them pre-released (Limit Breaks and Demi are examples). Now these skills no longer have the damage cap lifted by default and will be lifted along with everything else once you hit transcendence.

Part 2 of the removal of the QoL items from Broken Villa is here! This time its Gold Rate. It’s been replaced with Weapon Dust. Also, the amount of weapon dust has been reduced per item it replaced. The max amount hasn’t changed.

Drop rates for certain items have been increased/decreased. Potions in the beginning have a higher drop rate vs.  Max Potions in endgame. Teleporters are now nerfed back to their original drop rate since you can just use towns to teleport.

Since upgrade stone dust have been removed from enemies, the chance of getting an upgrade stone dust from dismantle has been increased 5x across the board (excluding Weapon Dust, as that is already 100%).

I also noticed that going from Snow Town area into Ice Caves caused the weather not to stop. Snowing, inside a cave? Not anymore.

Lost Forest would close off prematurely. Now it waits for you to finish the Grave Flowers quest, 1st job changes and defeating the Fairy.

Shadow Tower used to act wonky and set the timer to negative and keep it on screen if you hit level 99

Ultimate Decision crystals would cause a black screen once you teleported back to Fortress City. This was due to a previous error that I had not completely obliterate. It should be gone, for the most part now. If not, just use a teleporter and you should be fine.

As promised in my last update, the money display in shops has been fixed.

The Broken Village area would not update the music once you passed through a certain area. This was an oversight and has been fixed.

Upgrade Stone Dust has also been removed from enemies, because it doesn’t really make sense that an enemy would have dust from a weapon/armor dismantle when they don’t even have weapons anyway (other than drops).


Thank you, guys, for waiting so long for this update. COVID has been beating me down. Along with losing my job and the only place left I had to go closing down, I could not even go outside of my house, let alone online to do much else then look for a job. Hopefully this won’t happen again, but do not be surprised if I am forced to do this again in the future.

Author: Jenova Online

Solitary Dev and Admin of Genesis, Jenova Online and this forum.