Version 2.3


Nothing Yet

  • Broken Villa EXP Orbs -> 10x Weapon Dust
    • Drops here no longer show a text box

Balance Patch

  • Darkened and Ultimate Sets now increase Special/Extra Attributes
  • Cloud/Aerith no longer buff you
    • Now part of the Ultimate Set buff
      • Also includes Jenova/Sephiroth Buff
        • Both are permanent
  • Stat cap lowered greatly
    • Base Stats (ATK, DEF, MAT, MDF, AGI and LUK): 1000000000000 -> 50,000
    • MaxHP/MaxMP: 1000000000000 -> 99,999
      • These changes are reflected onto enemies unless they are specifically configured not to follow this
  • Gold amounts abbreviated
    • 1,000 -> 1K
    • 1,000,000 -> 1M
    • 1,000,000,000 -> 1B
    • 1,000,000,000,000 -> 1T
    • 1,000,000,000,000,000 -> 1Q
      • Any number above said sets will be rewritten with a period
      • Example: 1,234 -> 1.2K

  • Popup bubbles on quest NPCs
  • Jenova Death Music (for good this time)
  • Level caps not being lifted upon transcendence

  • Ship Reset grant
    • It can still be used, but will be fully removed in 3.0

Hello everyone!

In this version, certain things that have been a long time coming needed to be addressed, such as caps on damage. I took into account the Attribute caps and gave you a bit more after the caps for Stats. Of course I wont allow enemies to be stronger then your strongest, so they got capped at the same as well.

Jenova Deaths music was supposed to loop at a certain point, but I recently discovered it didn’t and when trying to figure out why, I found out it wasn’t even taking the configuration at all. So I tried to make it apply and found out it imploded when it was configured to apply. Found out it was because I was using Samples instead of seconds. Took about 3 hours to find the perfect spot for it to loop and fixed it.

Broken Villa needed to be given some love. This is also a precursor to the future update where all EXP/Drop/Gold Rate orbs will be removed from the game. I am not done in this area yet, so be ready for more updates to this area.

Since Darkened/Ultimate weapons are practically the strongest weapons you can have, they might as well be able to boost your Attributes if you have the entire set. The Cloud/Aerith/Jenova/Sephiroth buff is just a nice addition to finding the entire set. More of an achievement then a buff (although it is still a buff) if you ask me.

Abbreviations for Gold is a nice QOL update that is was needed. I do know about the gold showing “NaN(insert abbreviation here)” in shops and will try to get that fixed (if not in this version, in the next).

There was a small oversight on the Norville Quests, but those have been fixed.

Transcendence was not allowing for level cap lifting. This was a personal mistake as I had no idea what I was implementing, but I found out in the end what it was.

Author: Jenova Online

Solitary Dev and Admin of Genesis, Jenova Online and this forum.