Version 2.2

  • Transcendence Job Change
    • This allows for normal attacks/skills (Not Limit Breaks) to break damage cap
    • Each Ultimate Boss will allow for Transcendence of specific class once beaten
  • Norville Quests
    • Lady by the middle statue
      • Dog no longer wanders outside middle of town
    • Old Man by the well
    • Boy behind house

  • EXP gain increase on level up drastically reduced
    • +1% per level -> +0.10% per level
  • Special/Extra Attributes Hard Capped
    • Most have a hard cap of 100% now
    • Most Notable changes:
        • EXP is now capped at 400%
        • HP/MP/TP Regen now capped at 10%
        • MP Cost now capped at 50%
        • Floor Damage, Physical/Magical Damage now capped at 50%
        • Guard, Pharmacology and Recovery now capped at 200%
  • Level Capped at 99
    • This is, until you get Transcendence for each character
      • It will be uncapped at old level of 9999

  • Drops not showing up correctly
    • This was previously fixed (somewhere around ver 1.1) and had to be fixed again

  • Accessory slot
    • Due to constraints, this may be added at a later date

Author: Jenova Online

Solitary Dev and Admin of Genesis, Jenova Online and this forum.